Tailor in innovative solutions.
As a specialist in technical installations works for many sectors. Each sector has specific needs. Vegatech analyze and identify your problem and the situation. Then we advise you the best preparation and make a design of the facility. Finally, install installation in a professional manner and will ensure the maintenance.

Here are some solutions that we have achieved.

Projecten: Utiliteit vegetable cutting plant ( Philips LED armaturen - food industry )
( Heeren groente en fruit  te Eindhoven )

Electrical engineering energy plant/ solar pannels ac
( 't Voske te Uden )

Total project construction: Mushroom facility BV Boekel

Industrial projects:
(Peka-Kroef potato factory)

Climate control: UV-C test preparation
(DLV-C-Point / PRI wageningen )

Industrial automation: Secure connections for refrigerated trailers with alarm.
(Peka-Kroef potato factory)

Industrial Automation: Control for compost hopper
( Cees Donkers te Boekel )

Climate Control: climate chamber central channel, P Verstegen to Zeeland
Open Water cooling / Novenco cooling & heating block.

Industrial automation: panel construction


UVGI Desinfection system for disinfection: climate air, rooms, water, inlet filters, cooling.

Climate control / Project total construction:
   Central duct: 60000 m3 / h in combination with groundwater and cooling ground pipes.

Total project construction:
External appearance of rooms with technical area for producing Grey Oyster mushroom substrate.

 Air : Climate cabinets, fans, tubes.

Total project construction:

Process control : PLC technology

Process control : plc and touch panels

Packaging line:
 custom work.

WKO system: Huge energy savings for buildings and duct systems